Home, at Last!

I have been a believer since late 1946.

My experience among Christians and their denominations was extensive enough that, when in 1981 I first met with the believers meeting only as the church in my city, it did not take long to realize “This is where I belong.”

Yes, there were some technicalities in the meetings that I noticed and approved of, but more, these people seemed to be here for Christ. Sure, that sounds like a simplistic slogan--everyone is for Christ, right? Not the way the believers here are! I noticed the intensity.

No one seemed to be here because of convenience, or comfort, or status. People did not come because of the architecture of the building, or the music, or the great preacher—having been a Pastor I really appreciated that.

Why am I here? For one thing, the strong, thorough Biblical ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. This ministry and the real Christian fellowship of all the believers in the local church bring me to Christ.

I’ve been meeting this way for 19 years. And I have grown as never before. The ministry, the meetings, the home fellowship, the casual contacts with other believers, and the phone calls—all turn me to Jesus, my Lord, my Savior, my Love. Hallelujah!

May my Father grant me this privilege ‘til He calls me home.

Keith Martin

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